Sunday, February 28, 2010

Game Inspiration - Dark Roasted Blend


There are many wonderful websites where one can go find inspiration when putting together a session, a campaign or even homebrewing a setting.

 One of my favourite websites to find such inspiration is Dark Roasted Blend which provides a daily posting of related or unrelated images of the weird both real and imagined. 

Whether you are looking for surreal futuristic cityscapes, abandoned buildings for a post apocalyptic or cyberpunk game,  weird ancient ruins for a fantasy or pulp game or more go have a dig through their archives.

Which sites do you look at to provide inspiration for your games?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Upcomming RPGA Cape Town Events


Sorry about the silence over the last while, Mass Effect 2 has been eating my free time, and alongside Dragon Age Origins.  Both these games are master classes in setting design, which I am planning to blog about later today.

I am involved in the RPGA in Cape town and we have some events coming up that I would like to highlight:

20 Feb 2010: Intro to D&D 4th Edition

This event is aimed at people who are interested in D&D and have never played before, or who are interested in seeing the 4th Ed ruleset in action.  Modules with pregenerated characters will be provided, see the Facebook event for more details.

20 March 2010: Word Wide D&D Game Day: Players Handbook 3 Launch.

After having 3 successful Game Days last year, the PHB3 day features new classes and races from the PHB3, including the new Psionic power source.  The module, Beneath the Lonely Tower, offers an opportunity for new and current players to test the abilities of the new classes, as well as affording roleplaying opportunities.

More details in the Facebook event.

RPGA Cape Town has a group page on Facebook where we keep event details up to date, as well as a group in Wizards Community.