Thursday, January 28, 2010

Upcomming D&D 4E Products or My Budget Weeps


The 2010 roundup for Wizards of the Coast has just finished.

Some of the upcomming products and highlights:

Martial Power 2, will contain 2 new ranger and warlord builds as well as a new one eachfighter and rogue, weapon style feats and martial practices (rituals for martial characters)

Players Handbook 3 introding Psionis and the full Hybrid rules as well as skill powers.
The Harrowing Halls tile set includes 3d elements


Monster Manual 3, more fluff heavy than the previous 2 with flavour text and story hooks.

Psionic  Power, giving new builds and more options for the psionicclasses introduced in PHB3

Dark Sun , consisting of a Campaign Setting Book as well as a monster book this will see the return of one of my favourite settings

Castle Ravenloft Boardgame, another item high on my radar, featuring modular tiles and a variety of scenarios this is a co-operative game for 1 – 5 players.  13 Adventures, 13 tiles sheets and 42 minis.

Gamma World, using a modified D&D4e system this is a return to a future world which has been blasted back into the middle ages, of intrest is a random mutation card deck, with boosters coming out later.

D&D Essentials – released at various times

The D&D Essentials line is designed to ease new players into the game, but also includes new builds and feats for existing players.

Red Box (September): Based off the classic “Red Box” including a solo introductory adventure is designed to introduce new players to D&D

Rules Compendium (September): Collects all the rules into one book, includes the errata.

Players Essentials (September): Builds off the Red Box and covers the basic classes – Fighter, Cleric, Wizard, Rogue, Ranger with new builds not in the PHB, the Feat chapter is all new.

Dungeon Masters Kit (October) Includes the Rules Compendium, Monster Tokens, 2  postermaps, sample adventures and more

Players Essentials Heroes of forgotten kingdoms (November:) new builds for paladin, druid, ranger, rogue and warlock. Another Essential book.  Also focusses on the lost empires of old:Human, dragonborn, tiefling, half-orc, drow, half-elf.

Essentials Monster Vault (November): Boxed set with new monsters and tokens for the monsters

Master Tile Sets

Master Tile Set (July) Basic dungeon tiles and group should be able to use, will remain in print
Master Tile Set The City (October) Basic city Tiles, with the dungeon set provides a nice baseline for a Dm to build a tile collection.          

So that is a brief overview of what is coming up in the next year from WotC, lots of interesting things, nice to see some effort being putting into putting out product to attract new payers to the RPG hobby

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