Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Local is Lekker Link List


Welcome to the first Cape of Games Local is Lekker Link List

For this installment I will be looking at some of the South African Blogs you should be aware of.

First up is Tenletter, this a collaborative blog focusing on role-playing, computer gaming, board gaming, anima and related geek topics.  Jatori and his crew of loons can be relied on to provide interesting insights into varying aspects of geek culture.

Focusing more on role-playing, Awesome Gaming, contains interesting fluff for worlds, cities and NPC's as well as interesting rules ideas.

Next up, Kev's Lounge, contains various boardgames reviews and house-rules, as well as a growing collection of free dungeon-tiles (well worth looking at).

Finally Pfangirl Through the Looking Glass, provides a look at pop and geek culture in South Africa and is also the home of the Girlz 'n Games webcomic.

Please feel free to point me towards any South African blogs which I have missed!

Till next time good gaming and may the dice spirits be kind.

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