Thursday, September 10, 2009

ROLPUNK: Reject attitudes, not games.


Berin Kinsman posted the Rolpunk manifesto on his blog last night.  If you haven't read it yet, take a few moments and go do it.

Roleplaying games are about fun, if you are having fun you are doing it right!  It does not matter which edition of which system you are playing.  It does not matter how you have houseruled the system. It does not matter how much combat you have in a session.  If you and your group walk away from the end of  a session talking about how awesome it was and how much you are lookingforward to the next game, then you are winners.

It is ok to disagree with random people on the forums. It is ok to disagree with bloggers and game designers.  It is even ok to disagree with the way Gary Gygax designed and played games if it doesn't work at your table. But, and here is the important thing, even if you do disagree with the way someone does something it does not make them wrong if it works for them.

Till next time good gaming and may the dice spirits be kind.

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