Thursday, September 17, 2009

World Wide D&D Game Day: Dungeon Masters Guide 2


If you are in Cape Town with nothing to do this Saturday morning, feel free to join us at UCT for the 3rd WWDnDGD.

Details here:

Date:Saturday, 19 September 2009
Time:09:00 - 15:00
Where:Room L, RW James Building, UCT (This is where we were for the MM2 Launch)
Cape Town, South Africa
RPGA Sanctioning #: 09-09-2025099

In the spirit of Dungeon Mastering, we're giving you the opportunity to create and show off your very own adventure! Work as a team to build encounters using the materials provided. After your team has finished, play another team's adventure or DM the one your team created. We provide you with everything you need -- maps, miniatures, monster stats, and how-to instructions. Just bring your imagination, a pencil or pen, and some dice!

This is a very special activity that has never before been a part of Worldwide D&D Game Day! But don't worry if you just want to play; you can participate in as much or as little of the adventure-building activity as you want. Nothing, however, beats the satisfaction of hearing another team howl in terror as they fight the foes and traps you placed for them!

A Passage Into Mystery is a special team-created 6th-level adventure that uses tiles from DU3 Caves of Carnage and monsters from the Monster Manual: Legendary Evils miniatures expansion. Come out on September 19 and be a part of the adventure!

Till next time good gaming and may the dice spirits be kind.

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